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  • When are you open?
    Our 2023 season starts on May 19th, and we are open every day until Labor Day, 9/5.
  • How much does it cost?
    Adults and Kids - $30 *Holiday Pricing - $35 Minimum Age is 4 years old. Price includes unlimited trips. If you feel like you need more time on the water, let us know and we'll shuttle you back for another float down the river. ​ *Holiday Pricing - $35 ​ * Holiday Periods: July 2nd - 4th, 2023 September 3rd - 5th, 2023
  • Do I need a reservation?
    Nope! We do not take reservations — walk-ins are always welcome. We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have a group (10 or more people), we ask that you just give us a call ahead so we can update you on timing and get tubes ready. We are open 7 days a week. Please note that during summer storms our schedule will depend on the flow of the river as guest safety is our number one priority.
  • What is your weather policy?
    During our season, we are open rain or shine, 7 days a week. If it starts raining during your trip, continue down the river. If it starts thundering or lightning, pull over to the bank and stay in your tube. Generally, storms pass through quickly. Once the thunder/lightning stops, continue your trip. We constantly stream weather updates on our Facebook page, so check often, and call us if you have any questions.
  • How does the trip work?
    The process is easy. Just park your car in the Brevard Tubing parking lot. Shuttles are not on a set schedule and most often leave immediately after check-in. In some cases, you may be required to wait if the shuttle is occupied when you check-in (typically no more than 20 minutes). Trip duration, between entering the river and reaching the finish point, is typically 60-90 minutes. We always have a staff person waiting for you at the end of the float ready to help you out of your tube. Head up the steps from the river and you are back at your car.
  • How long is the trip?
    Trip times vary based on water level and your group but generally last around 1.5 hours. Be prepared to be on the river and in the sun for the length of the trip by hydrating and wearing sun protection.
  • What are your hours?
    We are open every day, Monday thru Sunday, from 9:30am to 5:00pm. Our last trip for the day needs to be checked in by 4:00pm for the last shuttle. Trips run continuously throughout the day, so there is no set time for when you need to come. Just show up, we take care of the rest!
  • What do I get for the price?
    - A super deluxe tube with a backrest, handles, and covered bottom. - A personal flotation device for kids 12 and under ("life jacket," "boat coat," "life vest," "salva vida") - Shuttle (we take you to and from the river in our vehicle so yours can stay clean and dry) We have several items for sale in our little red container, such as footwear, cell phone cases, beverages and other merchandise.
  • What if I want to bring my own tube?
    We do not accept other tubes than our own at this time. This is due to our insurance policy covering our own Brevard Tubing tubes. AND don't worry these are the most comfortable tubes you will ever float on!
  • Are there age restrictions?
    We allow kids ages 4 and up. This is for your child’s own protection and a requirement by our insurance. We also strongly encourage parents to not have their child ride in the tube with them. This can actually be more challenging and potentially dangerous with trying to hold your child, and maneuver the tube. Our tubes have large handles that make it easy for you to hold onto your child's tube, which is much safer.
  • Where do we check-in?
    Look for the shipping container off of Everett Rd in Pisgah Forest. Pull down into the parking area and walk up to the check-in window.
  • Do you have lockers?
    No. Your vehicle is your locker. Any item that cannot be submerged in water should be left in your vehicle. We will keep your keys for you in a dry and secure place so that the river doesn’t eat them.
  • What should I wear?
    You should wear your bathing suit or shorts, basically anything you are comfortable getting wet in. Footwear is required (shoes with a heel strap are preferred, but flip flops are ok).
  • Are life jackets required?
    Life Jackets are required for children 12 and under by the state of North Carolina. We also have a few adult vests for those who want them.
  • What not to bring on the river?
    - Keys - Electronics - Towels - Jewelry - Clothing that you wish to not get wet - Glass - Miscellaneous items that can become river trash Please note that we are not responsible for any items lost or damaged that you bring on the river. You may lock personal belongings in your car, and we will keep your keys securely for you while you are on the river.
  • Can I bring a cooler?
    We allow small, personal coolers - where it is a small bag or little backpack. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate large, bulky coolers. Please help us keep the river clean by making sure that all items including empty containers stay secured on your tube or your person until the end of the trip.
  • How deep is the water?
    The water depth varies as it is a natural river but for the most part, the water is 2-4 feet deep. There are some deeper pools along the way. This river can change often with rain, and especially during monsoon season. Always feel free to call us prior to check in on the water!
  • Is the water cold?
    Nope! The French Broad gets a lot of sunlight so the average temperature stays around 70ºF.
  • Will I get wet?
    Yes! You will get wet but not soaked (unless you want to – it feels great on a hot day!).
  • Will I see wildlife?
    Yes! You are likely to see several species of birds as well as frogs, fish, crayfish and lizards and maybe a snake.

Adults and Kids

Minimum Age is 4 years old


Local Pricing 


Just show your North Carolina ID to a

Brevard Tubing employee and

you'll be ready to go.

Second Trip


If you would like to do a second trip

(same day only), it’s $15 per person

to be shuttled back up to the top.


This rates applies to all pricing, including a second float, during the following periods:

 July 2nd - 4th, 2022

September 3rd - 5th, 2022

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